New York Snowstorm: MTA Cautions Passengers to Stay Home on Tuesday

January 25, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

With a forecast of 2 to 3 feet of snow across New York starting overnight Sunday, Jan. 25 and ending late Tuesday night, Jan. 27, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is advising customers to head home early on Monday and stay home on Tuesday.

The MTA is urging passengers who do need to travel to use “extreme caution.”

Waiting rooms at the LIRR will remain open around-the-clock to provide shelter for passengers. Platforms at stairways at the LIRR and Metro North stations will be cleared and salted according to the MTA.

“We never know what each winter will bring, so New York City Transit has to be prepared for anything,” said NYCT President Carmen Bianco in a press release.

“This year we have invested in more equipment such as new all-season tires to make our bus fleet safer and better prepared to handle snow and icy roads,” Bianco said.

The Metro-North region is expected to be most severe.

The MTA will also deploy extra train crews at major junctions to help in case a train breaks down. It will also deploy additional signal maintainers at critical interlockings. Trains will be treated with deicer to protect them from snow and ice. 

The MTA says that it is planning to operate a normal bus service on Monday, but that service might be limited depending on road conditions.