New York Q&A: What is the Media Not Talking About That It Should Be?

March 19, 2012 Updated: September 24, 2012

NEW YORK—Despite the bevy of news outlets today, some stories that should be known by all go untold. On a sunny Monday afternoon, The Epoch Times asked New Yorkers about what the media may be missing.



Epoch Times Photo
Muhamad Diop (Zachary Stieber/The Epoch Times)

Muhamad Diop, 32, Jersey City, Cleaning

The crisis, the wars, the financial crisis—people are struggling. The crisis and how we should fix it. The crisis is what they’re supposed to fix.


















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Beverly Marse (Zachary Stieber/The Epoch Times)

Beverly Marse, 25, Queens, Retail Worker

How everyone is poor and doesn’t have health insurance. How it costs 75 euros to see a doctor in Paris—how much does it cost to see a doctor in America without health insurance? Pretty much how everybody is poor and miserable and doesn’t have health insurance.







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William Label (Zachary Stieber/The Epoch Times)

William Label, 60, Virginia Beach, Entrepreneur

I don’t think they’re talking about world events, I think they’re just telling us what we want to hear. It’s very slanted and orchestrated, I don’t think you get all the facts. It’s not very good reporting. You leave the country and … you get a different perspective. I think everything is just one-sided. The media here, they just dumb down everything to the eighth-grade level and people just buy into whatever they say.






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James Mitchell (Zachary Stieber/The Epoch Times)

James Mitchell, 76, Manhattan, Retired

There’s so many things they should be talking about. We got a lot of homeless people, they need to talk about finding a place to put the homeless people. I know I’ve been talking to some guys, a lot of soldiers go over there and fight in a war, come back over here and after a while they’re homeless because they can’t get a job and they have no place to stay.






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Thomas (Zachary Stieber/The Epoch Times)

Thomas, 22, Rockland County, Student

Iran, Israel, I mean everything, you could go on all day. Just our age group, no one’s getting jobs anymore. A bachelor’s [degree] isn’t a bachelor’s anymore, you need a master’s and that counts as a bachelor’s. In general, our whole age group is dumb, but they’re dumb because of the media. The amount of access we have: we should be knowing what’s going on in other countries.