New York Mom Gives Birth to 15-Pound, 15-Ounce Girl

March 20, 2019 Updated: March 20, 2019

A New York woman gave birth to a 15-pound, 15-ounce baby, according to reports. The girl is one of the largest babies ever born in the United States.

Harper Buckley came into the world at about 23-inches long, and she was the heaviest child ever born at Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira, New York, reported USA Today.

Some say Harper could be the heaviest baby born in New York state.

Joy Buckley 发布于 2019年3月12日周二

“I knew she was going to be big but I didn’t anticipate no 15-pound baby,” mother Joy Buckley told WETM.

Buckley described the child as a “miracle baby” after she was told by doctors that she had a 15 percent chance to conceive after she was diagnosed with ovarian syndrome, according to USA Today.

Buckley has also given birth to son, who weighed 11 pounds. She also has adopted a child.

On March 12, she gave birth to Harper via C-section. The feeling was like being “hit by two tractor-trailers simultaneously,” she told the Washington Post.

“I still had some resentment like ‘so and so’s pregnant, they have six kids already, why are they pregnant again? I’ve wanted to for years and I haven’t been able to,”’ Buckley told “The thing I’ve always wanted to do in my life was to be a mom.”

Harper’s weight is that of an average 5-month-old baby.

She remained in the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital after she was born.

“It’s definitely hard, but I know she won’t be here forever,” Buckley told “She’ll be coming home soon. She’s in good hands. I trust the doctors, they know what they’re doing.”

The U.S. National Library of Medicine says that the average birthrates are from 5.5 to 8.8 pounds.

The heaviest baby ever born in the United States weighed in at 22 pounds, according to the Guinness World Records. The child was born in the 19th century and passed away hours later.

The Guinness World record for the heaviest baby to survive was 22 pounds and 8 ounces. The child was born in Italy in 1955.

Seven Babies Born at Same Time

A 25-year-old Iraqi woman gave birth naturally to six girls and a boy at the same time, and all the children are reportedly healthy.

According to the Daily Mail, the unnamed woman gave birth in the Diyali Province of eastern Iraq, which is the first septuplet case in the Middle Eastern country.

The local health department issued a statement about the birth, saying the mother and seven infants are perfectly healthy.

The 25-year-old gave birth to six baby girls and one boy 😳😳😳

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The father, Youssef Fadl, said he and his wife weren’t planning to expand their family, and now they have 10 children, the Mail reported.

Photos posted online show the small babies next to one another in the hospital.

Other photos show the newborns lying together after birth.

Last year, a Lebanese woman gave birth to sextuplets, including three girls and three boys. They all survived, the Mirror noted.

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