New York Man Busted for Using a Dummy to Drive in the Carpool Lane

May 7, 2019 Updated: May 8, 2019

A New York police officer pulled over a driver who was using a dummy while in the carpool, or high-occupancy lane, in Long Island.

The dummy was strapped into the passenger seat of James Britt’s vehicle, News 12 in Long Island reported. He was pulled over on the Long Island Expressway in Suffolk County.

The dummy was wearing several shirts, sunglasses, a hat, and jeans, said officials.

Britt was traveling near Exit 51 in the HOV lane while occupancy rules were in effect.

Britt, 34, of Centereach, was issued a court summons over the incident, according to the report.

Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Spina saw the 2002 Saturn sedan and became suspicious of the passenger in Britt’s vehicle, reported the New York Post.

Other details about the incident were not provided.

Not the First Time

In April, an Arizona man was busted by police while in the HOV lane near Phoenix.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety tweeted photos showing a man who had been pulled over by police when they noticed his mannequin passenger. The dummy was wearing glasses, a hoodie, a baseball cap, and appeared to have a wig.

“Another one Busted! Don’t let this be you…. A driver was cited for HOV lane violation along the SR 202 at Alma School, for having a dummy masquerade as a passenger,” the department tweeted in late April.

In a more extreme example, a Washington state motorist used a plush “Diego” doll while driving in the HOV lane in 2010.

Drivers often use sunglasses and baseball caps in an attempt to hide the dummy’s features. However, police officers often see through the disguise.