New York City Woman, 92, Shoved to the Ground, Suspect Arrested

June 16, 2020 Updated: June 16, 2020

New York City Police Department officials announced the arrest of a suspect seen on video shoving a 92-year-old woman in what appears to be a random attack.

“The suspect involved in pushing the 92-year-old female in Manhattan has been APPREHENDED,” the law enforcement agency wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

The incident took place on Friday in Manhattan, and video footage shows the woman traveling on the sidewalk before a man goes in the opposite direction. When he passes the woman, he appears to hit her in the face with his left hand, causing the woman to topple over.

The suspect then continues to walk in the opposite direction and turns around to see the woman lying on the ground.

The suspect was later identified as 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage by officials, according to ABC7. The report said he has more than 100 prior arrests and was recognized by an officer on the video.

Authorities told Fox5 that the 92-year-old woman was taken to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in stable condition.

“I’m frightened to tears,” the unnamed woman told the ABC affiliate. “I’m not going to walk there on my own, and it’s very upsetting. It’s very upsetting.”

The woman said she hit a fire hydrant after falling to the ground.

“I thought it was a brick or something like that,” she said. “Hit me on the right scalp, on the right side of my head, and of course I fell down on the street. There were a couple of young women there. They helped me up. They said, ‘I’m going to call an ambulance.'”