New Video of Officer Darren Wilson Surfaces Ferguson Residents Tense Waiting for Verdict

November 17, 2014 Updated: November 17, 2014

As Ferguson residents, local police, and people all over the US anxiously anticipate the Grand Jury decision concerning Darren Wilson, the white police officer who fatally shot black 18 year old Michael Brown, another video of Darren Wilson was uploaded to youtube Friday November 14th .

The video was taken by a Ferguson resident, Mike Arman, on October 28th 2013. Mr. Arman claims he first asked the officer Darren Wilson if he could film him, Darren Wilson agreed but after the recording began, immediately became upset, demanding him to stop. The video was apparently taken from Mike Arman’s own porch as you can see Darren Wilson standing on the paved walkway. Mr. Arman was told if he didn’t stop recording, Darren Wilson would “lock his ass up”. The citizen counters “I have the right to record this incident”, Darren Wilson replies “no you don’t” and then approaches the man, grabbing the cellphone out of his hands and arresting him.

Allegedly Darren Wilson then lied about the man while booking him at the local police station. Police records show the reason Officer Wilson was dispatched to the home of Mr. Arman was for not being in compliance regarding derelict vehicles being parked in front of his house. In the report, Wilson claims he asked Arman to “remove the video camera from my face”, which is contradictory to what is seen in this video. Wilson arrested Arman for “Failure To Comply”, this is also not what the video recording suggests. 

It is unclear whether this video will be taken into consideration by the Grand Jury which is expected to make it’s decision any day now.