New Security Footage Shows Attackers Pummeling American Tourist to Death

July 13, 2017 Updated: July 17, 2017

New security camera footage has been published by Greek media showing the entire fight that led to the death of 22-year-old American tourist Bakari Henderson on July 7.

According to his family, Henderson was visiting Greece for a photo shoot in preparation for the launch of his clothing line.

The footage was obtained from a camera inside a cafe window, close to the bar where the altercation between Henderson and a group of largely Serbian men began.

Bars in the Laganas party district of Zakynthos have a reputation for violent alcohol-fueled brawls.

According to a 2011 Guardian report on the death of a British tourist, a number of tourists die each year in Zakynthos. Alcohol-related violence has always been a big problem for local police.

In the video footage, confirmed as genuine by the Greek authorities, Henderson is seen running away from a group of men. As the men catch up to him, one throws Henderson against a parked car. The group then proceeds to kick and pummel him to the ground. Bystanders attempt to intervene, and as the crowd clears, someone is seen attempting CPR on Henderson.

Greek authorities said that Henderson was sent to the hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. His death was caused by severe head injuries.

A total of nine men—one Greek bar employee, the bar’s bouncer who was a British citizen of Serb origin, and seven Serbian tourists—have been charged with intentional homicide, reported AP. If found guilty, the charges carry a maximum life sentence.

Suspects arrive at Zakynthos courthouse on July 8th after the death of American tourist on July 7th.
Suspects arrive at a Zakynthos courthouse on July 8 for their arraignment—their involvement in the death of an American tourist on the Greek island. (Reuters)

Serbian news reports said Serbian Ambassador Dusan Spasojevic and Serbian consuls visited the seven Serbian citizens in prison on July 11.

Five suspects attended their initial court hearing on Wednesday, July 12. All five pleaded not guilty. They have since been jailed pending trial.

A defense lawyer for one of the five said that although his client caused some bodily harm, there was no intent to kill. The attorney is hopeful that the video footage will be useful as court evidence to prove that his client was not the one to lay the fatal blow to Henderson’s head, reported the ABC.


The four remaining suspects appeared in court on Thursday, July 13. The judge jailed another Serb man, pending trial, while two have been released on bail. Bail was set at $5,700 (5,000 euros), according to AP. The fourth suspect will testify on Friday, July 14.

No trial date has been set.

Greek authorities have also identified six more suspects from the security footage, said ABC.

It remains unclear what started the fight.

Henderson’s family told local media that they are holding a private memorial service on Friday evening followed by the funeral on Saturday.

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