New Salesforce Transit Terminal

August 10, 2018 Updated: August 10, 2018

The new Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco will soon be opened to the public. Muni buses, AC transit buses, and potentially other forms of transportation will be available for access.

Buses start operating on Sunday, August 12. There will be an open house on Saturday, August 11 from noon to 4 p.m.

The whole process started in 1999 and was under construction for eight years.

Senior construction manager Dennis Turchon said, “It all started about 2010 with the demolition of the old Transbay Terminal, the opening of the temporary terminal, and now we have the new transit center.”

The Grand Hall is the entrance where people can potentially meet up. Above it is the bus deck level where buses go through. In addition, there is a new cable-stayed bridge that connects buses directly to the Bay Bridge and East Bay to and from the transit center to keep buses off the local streets.

“The transit center is a regional transit center,” explained Chair of TJPA Board of Directors Mohammed Nuru. “The ground level is in connection to Muni, and so people coming from the East Bay will be able to get across the bridge and get into the center timely and be able to connect to a bus to take them to wherever they’re going in San Francisco.”

“Our next big milestone is really activating the shops and getting the retail going, and then of course the final is getting the trains into the station,” continued Nuru.

“We have a train box that’s below ground. Phase 2 is that tunnel that we will need to build,” explained Turchon.

Phase 2 is expected to be complete by 2028 for high-speed rail and Caltrain.

The project consisted of people from all kinds of professions.

“It was bringing together all these talented people that made this happen,” said Senior Associate for Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Randolph Volenec. “Every state in the Union contributed either products or materials or assistance to us to be able to get this building put together. It’s all by America; it’s all made here in the U.S. … it’s an American wonder, actually, a dream come true.”