New Reports Reveal Donations to Clinton Foundation Dropped by Almost 58 Percent After Election Loss

November 26, 2018 Updated: December 4, 2018

Recent reports exposed a massive drop in donations to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss.

Donations dropped by almost 58 percent, according to the New York Post. Recently released tax filings show donations dropped from $62.91 million in 2016, to $26.57 million in 2017.

Another source of Clinton cash, fees from speaking engagements, also did a major dip. In 2015, the Clintons received $3.6 million in speaking fees. In 2017, that number dropped to $300,000, according to the Post.

The foundation said the drop is due to internal moves.

“We anticipated a decline in both revenue and expenses for 2017, largely attributable to the absence of sponsorship and membership contributions for CGI,” a foundation spokesman told the Post. CGI refers to the Clinton Global Initiative, a foundation project that was shut down.

Travel expenses through the foundation that pay for the Clintons to fly first class or by private jet also fell slightly. The $3,917,419 spent in 2016 fell to $2,300,601 in 2017, according to the Post.

Epoch Times Photo
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton listens as former President Bill Clinton speaks during the annual Clinton Global Initiative conference at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, on Oct. 16, 2018. (Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

Ongoing Corruption Probe

The foundation has long been the subject of an investigation into misuse of funds along with a pay-to-play scheme during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, according to the Post.

The investigation was initiated by the FBI in the Clintons’ home state of Arkansas, and is overseen by the local U.S. attorney’s office, CNN and the Post reported.

Leading up to the presidential election, Hillary Clinton was asked specific questions about accusations against the foundation during a debate between Clinton and Donald Trump, via PBS NewsHour.

“(E)mails show that donors got special access to you. Those seeking grants for Haiti relief were considered separately from non-donors, and some of those donors got contracts, government contracts, tax payer money,” debate moderator Chris Wallace asked Clinton.

Clinton went around the topic, never directly addressing or denying the allegations. She goes on to just praise the work of the foundation.

Wallace stops her and tries again to get a direct answer.

“The specific question went to pay-for-play. Do you want to talk about that …?” Clinton doesn’t stop to pick up the question. Wallace then asked Trump to talk about his knowledge of the foundation, while Clinton tried to heap more praise on the foundation.

“It’s been very well studied. And it’s a criminal enterprise and so many people know it. It’s a criminal enterprise,” said Trump. “So I’d like to ask you right now: Why don’t you give back the money that you’ve taken from certain countries that treat certain groups of people so horribly? Why don’t you give back the money?”

Trump goes on to talk about the hatred that has built up in Haitian-American communities as a result of the Clintons’ alleged taking of donations from the 2012 Haiti earthquake relief initiative, where there are questions as to whether or not that money ever reached Haiti.

Epoch Times Photo
Haitian activists protest in front of the Clinton Foundation on the eighth anniversary of the Haitian earthquake, in New York City on Jan. 12, 2018. The activists claim that the foundation has withheld money raised for victims of the earthquake. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

At the time of the earthquake, Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and Bill Clinton was the UN special envoy to Haiti. Many Haitians blame them for the extremely slow recovery efforts despite the massive aid and donations that were supposed to reach the nation, BBC reported.

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