New Powder Restrictions Enforced on International Flights From June 30

June 27, 2018 Updated: June 27, 2018

Tougher screening measures at Australian airports will apply to passengers packing certain powders in carry-on luggage on international flights from June 30, reported News Corp.

Passengers taking powders classified as “inorganic” cannot take more than 350 grams (or 350 millilitres).

“Inorganic” powders include salt, salt scrub, sand, some talcum powders, powdered detergent and cleaning cleaning products.

No restrictions will be placed on “organic” powders, such as baby formula, protein powder, coffee, spices and Epsom salts.

Importantly, the restriction will be based on total container volume rather than amount of powder. This means that passengers will not be able to tip inorganic powders out to fall under the 350 gram threshold.

Classification of ‘inorganic’ and ‘organic’ powders. (Credit: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development/Australian Government).

There is no limit on the number of containers packed, but the total amount must not exceed 350 grams.

Powders will need to presented separately, like liquids, gels, laptops, but will not need put in a resealable bag, according to the new regulations.

The new restrictions will apply to all passengers on international flights arriving and departing from all Australian airports.

No restrictions apply if powders are placed in checked luggage.

According to Bloomberg, the US government will also be implementing similar measures from June 30.

The new rules were partly prompted by a failed bomb plot which occurred last July on an Etihad Airways plane flying from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, said the media outlet.

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