New Mexico Officer Shot by Alleged Cop-Killer Gets Back Up, Returns Fire

April 30, 2021 Updated: April 30, 2021

A New Mexico police officer got back up and returned fire at a suspect after he was shot, according to newly released footage this week.

The video shows Las Cruces police officer Adrian De La Garza involved in a chase while pursuing a suspect who allegedly shot and killed New Mexico state police trooper Darian Jarrott during a traffic stop, according to KFOX.

Investigators said that Omar Felix Cueva, the suspect, drove down Interstate 10 after shooting Jarrott 11 times. Previously released footage from New Mexico State Police showed the incident unfold.

The new police camera footage from De La Garza showed the officer stop Cueva within seconds. He then emerged from his vehicle and came face-to-face with Cueva before a shootout ensues, which left Cueva dead, according to KFOX. During the exchange, the officer was shot before getting back up and returning fire.

According to the New Mexico State Police in a news release, Jarrott first initiated a traffic stop on a white Chevrolet pickup on Interstate 10 on Feb. 4 before Cueva shot him point-blank.

When he exited the truck, Cueva, according to police footage, was holding a small rifle. He then fired several shots at Jarrott as he was walking around the rear of the vehicle, officials said.

“Cueva fired several more rounds at Officer Jarrott who was struck by gunfire and killed. As Cueva ran toward the front of the truck on the passenger’s side, he shot Officer Jarrott point-blank in the back of the head,” said the news release.

De La Garza “was struck by gunfire and was airlifted to a trauma hospital in Texas where he was treated and released for non-life-threatening injuries,” said police.

Officers also rendered aid to Cueva until emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene, officials said in the release.