New Evidence in Case of Woman Missing Since 1989

June 29, 2017 Updated: June 29, 2017

Northern California police say they have new evidence in the missing persons case of a mother who went missing in 1989, CBS San Francisco reported.

Sheri Lynn Muhleman, who was 25 when she went missing, was last seen Feb. 27, 1989, in Fremont, California. She was spotted by boyfriend Michael Abraham, the father of their child, and his sister Catherine Abraham at Michael’s house, police said.

Now, police say they have reason to believe she was killed. They’re asking the public’s help for any tips, ABC7 reported.

“About six months ago, we got a couple contacts from people who really wanted to get some things off their chest,” said Detective Jacob Blass of the Fremont police, according to the ABC affiliate report. “That happens a lot especially with 20, 30-year-old cold cases where people are like, ‘You know what, either I’m getting older, I’m getting sick,’ or you know, ‘I think I should’ve come forward at the time but I was just too scared.'”


Bass added that Michael Abraham might be the suspect in the crime—although Muhleman’s body wasn’t ever found. His home was demolished and is now a church. “We ended up looking into it and that wasn’t just suspicious, but very much a homicide,” Bass said.

Police are now reviewing physical evidence and contacting witnesses related to her disappearance.