New Computer Virus 'Gorilla' Discovered in China

September 4, 2007 Updated: September 4, 2007

According to Ming Pao News, the China National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center found a computer virus, named Win32/DaXingXing.a (called “Gorilla” in English), which can be spread through a USB drive.

The virus will infect all executable files (* .exe file). The icons of infected files will all become a gorilla. When the virus infects the computer system, it will change the registry to terminate anti-virus and security programs, so that it can avoid being detected and stopped.

When the virus infects a computer, it will write virus files to the system file directory. Since the files are hidden, computer users cannot find them in the task manager, and anti-virus programs cannot detect and stop the virus.

In addition, the virus will prohibit the infected computer from browsing anti-virus software web sites and it can even prevent the computer's anti-virus program from upgrading. It will also change the registry to disable the function to “show hidden files” so that the virus files can be hidden. It will also make the infected computer unable to enter Safe Mode in order to scan for viruses.