New bill introduced would regulate e-cigarettes

January 29, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Once upon a time electronic cigarettes may have been an alternative to quit smoking tobacco-based products. However, in recent times the perceptions around the safety of e-cigarettes has come into question and recent legislative action may change how they are used or sold. A new Reuters report released Jan. 26, 2015 detailed the introduction of a new bill in the State of California that would ban the use of e-cig in public spaces and bring additional enforcements against the sale of them for minors.

The bill itself would attempt to bring regulatory restrictions that are already in place for tobacco products. In other words, smoking these vapor-based products would be ban in workplaces, bars, restaurants, etc. In addition, the sale of them would include penalties, according to the report.
The Gold State would join three other states (North Dakota, New Jersey and Utah) that regulate them.

This senate bill, SB 140, was introduced by Democratic State Senator Leno along with two principal coauthors (Senator Pan and Assembly Member Ting), and two coauthors (Senator Hernandez and Assembly Member Chiu).

The bill is receiving strong support by the following organizations: American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association. On the opposing side, we have the American Vaping Association criticizing the measure and explaining that smokers would be without an alternative to quit the habit.

While the United States (U.S) tackles the issue, the European Parliament took necessary action in 2014 to regulate e-cigarettes. According to a New York Times report, at the start of 2016 advertising of battery-operated cigarettes would be restricted in the 28 nations of the European Union (EU). Furthermore, e-cigarettes would require carrying health warning labels.

The pros and cons of e-smoking

The e-cigarette debate offers plenty of arguments that endorse or condemn the use of them. A post by the Internet leading source of reviews and news, eCig One, carefully explains the benefits and drawbacks of e-smoking. Below are the positive aspects of e-cigarettes:

·         Ingredients typically contained in e-liquid appear free of carcinogens

·         Full time smokers that switch to e-cigs will save at least $2000 a year

·         E-cigarettes lack second hand smoke

·         Improve your self-image with e-cigarettes

The whole point of the conversation is to try to encourage smokers to stop a potentially life threatening addiction. The counter arguments of e-cigarettes in contrast assert the following:

·         E-cigarette battery explosions

·         The taste of e-cigarettes

·         Lack of e-cigarette regulation

·         E-liquid is not entirely safe

Information or reviews from this United Kingdom (UK) based site on e-cigarettes is an excellent gateway to understanding how these products work and are to a certain degree legitimate testimonies by real smokers trying to break a habit. The more information you read and browse will better equip you to make a healthy decision.

Finally, producing a ban may or may not be the solution to the problem. E-cigarettes are a wonderful avenue to explore and might be the vehicle that drives away addiction.