New 3DS Games, Releases: Nintendo Unveils ‘New 3DS’ and ‘New 3DS XL’

Nintendo’s unveiled its newest hand-held console, officially calling it the “New 3DS.”

The firm is making new versions of the regular 3DS and the 3DS XL. According to Endgadget, the console has a new analog stick as well as NFC techology.

The New 3DS also features a new microSD card reader. The two models are also slimmer than the previous versions.

The models also feature old-school-style colored buttons, which bear resemblance to the SNES controllers.

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata also compared the new analog stick–called the C-stick–to the GameCube controllers, according to Joystiq.

The 3DS now has extended battery life that ranges from 3.5 hours to 6 hours. The new 3DS XL will have a battery life of 3.5 hours and 7 hours.

“Different territories make their own business decisions regarding individual products and timing,” a Nintendo spokesperson told EuroGamer on Friday. “We plan to launch these products in Europe in 2015.”

The spokesperson added: “We have a variety of compelling portable gaming options for consumers now and through the Christmas shopping season, including a variety of different Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS XL bundles at retail. We also have a strong library of hundreds of games for these systems that appeal to all kinds of players, with titles like Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire still on the way before the end of the year.”

The new models will come out in Japan on Oct. 11, 2014.

The New 3DS will sell for about $154 and the New 3DS XL will sell for about $181.

There’s also no information as to when the models will come out in North America.