NeuroOn- A Gadget That Makes Sure That You Sleep Efficiently

December 29, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

We are witnessing an era where technology is reaching its optimum level. Whether it is managing your time, weight and supplements, you can now manage sleep. The techies have come up with an advanced sleeping mask that promises to give you a higher quality sleeping cycle. With its futuristic design it monitors  brainwaves and ensures that people having long working hours can sleep less yet remain efficient. Seems like a highly anticipated gadget for all the insomniacs working day and night.


How Does It Work?

The NeuroOn helps you to adopt a polyphasic sleep. The term basically refers to alternate sleeping patterns which reduce the sleep time up to 2-6 hours every day. It works by measuring the brain waves, muscle tension, and the eye movements. The data is collected from the user’s sleep. This data is transformed into digital interface. While sleeping, the person goes through two cyclic phases viz. REM and NREM. The REM phase is the fully rested phase. NeuroOn wakes you up after the last REM phase. This way you feel completely rested and energetic. Therefore it helps to break up your sleep into small parts throughout the day. This allows one to sleep less and yet remain as refreshed as an 8 hour sleep period would leave them. The sleeping mask provides power naps that help in better rest. This in turn increases the energy levels of the person during the day.

How Does It Look Like?

NeuroOn looks like a regular sleeping mask that is easily wearable. It is said that the scientists went through numerous designs before coming up with the final one. NeuroOn is made up of soft and tender materials that sooth your eyes and adjusts to your face. It is portable and can be carried anywhere. It contains an inner battery which is rechargeable. A micro-USB charger is used to do the same. Once charged the battery works for a minimum of 10 days.

Things To Be Known

NeuroOn is muddled through by a smartphone Android or an iOS application. The software keeps records the REM phases and maintains your sleep cycles. The application is said to work as you snooze. It produces data from different phases while you sleep. This data can be accessed and manipulated to reduce fatigue as well as stress.

NeuroOn also helps you to control your dreams.  Technically known as lucid dreaming, the sleeping mask pinpoints the start of REM phase. This is absolutely in control of the settings chosen by you on the smartphone application. The dreaming mode may be turned on or off as per the user.

When Does It Hit The Market?

As mentioned by the creators, the first production models of NeuroOn shall be released in the market in September, 2014. The project has said to have raised almost $400,000 at its initial stages. So, if you are a workaholic, this is one gadget that is a must have in your bed. But we still have to wait on the price of the product as it is the most determining factor of owning the NeuroOn.

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