‘Netflix & Chill’ Airbnb Apartment Appears in New York City

January 29, 2016 Updated: January 29, 2016

A new apartment listing on Airbnb is attracting attention because of its unsavory nature.

The apartment in Manhattan, a “Netflix & Chill Room,” costs $400 a night. 

“We bring the famous ‘Netflix & Chill meme’ to life and offer it as an IRL experience that people can rent for a night,” explained the owners referring to the suggestive term.

The private room features Netflix branded bed, a fully stocked minibar, a high-definition projector hooked up to Netflix, the newest Apple TV, and surround sound speakers.

There are no reviews yet—meaning nobody has stayed there—or any indication if AirBnB will keep the listing. 

Recently AirBnB removed a Boutique Winter Igloo in Brooklyn listed for $200 per night for not meeting occupancy standards.


The room is only available on Saturday nights.