Nephew of Prisoner Who Beat Up Jared Fogle Says He’s ‘Lucky he’s still alive’

March 18, 2016 Updated: March 18, 2016

Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman who is behind bars for possessing child pornography and paying for sex with minors, apparently got beaten while in prison.

When Jared arrived, he started hiring other inmates to stand next to him and stand guard.
— Jimmy Nigg

He was left bloodied in a prison fight by a fellow inmate, Steven J. Nigg, in the Englewood FCI prison in Colorado.

Steven J. Nigg
Steven J. Nigg

Nigg’s nephew, Jimmy Nigg, said that Fogle is “lucky he’s still alive.” He beat Fogle up due to his behavior while in prison.

According to TMZ, Fogle was beaten up on Jan. 29 in an attack that was also spurred by Nigg’s disgust for child predators.

“We spoke to Nigg’s family and they’re not surprised. We’re told Steven’s [mad] because so many child sex predators are housed in the low security facility, and Fogle was just the last straw,” TMZ said.

“He walks the yard and he’s rubbing shoulders with people he shouldn’t be,” he told the New York Daily News. “My uncle feels like he should never be allowed to do this.”

Nigg also said he doesn’t agree with Fogle allegedly using cash to pay fellow inmates to protect him.

“Jared’s lucky he’s still alive. My uncle was in a position to kill him. No one was there,” Nigg added to the Daily News. “He got him down, then walked away. He’s not a violent guy, he doesn’t have a violent history. He’s sending a message is what he’s doing. A guy walks in with all this money and celebrity and instead of flying under the radar, he’s going into the yard, walking around with big guys, saying no one can mess with me, flashing his money around and that’s what (my uncle) is pissed off about.”

“He said, ‘I did this because I wanted to get justice for the victims and the families,'” Nigg told the Huffington Post.

Nigg is currently serving 15 years for firearm possession.

“When Jared arrived, he started hiring other inmates to stand next to him and stand guard,” Nigg said his uncle told him. “When he goes into the dining hall he’s buying all this extra food, including ice cream and cake.”