Neil Lane Ring With ‘Halo of Diamonds’ Used to Propose to Andi Dorfman in Bachelorette Finale (+Photos)

A ring from Neil Lane Jewelry is reportedly used on the Bachelorette finale to propose to Andi Dorfman.

The ring is given by Josh Murray, the winner of the ABC show’s season 10.

Murray proposes with the ring that’s worth $100,000.

“It is absolutely stunning,” a source told Life & Style of the huge rock with a halo of diamonds around it.

“He was excited, but seriously shaking, he was so nervous. Andi thought it was adorable.”


A screenshot of an ABC preview shows Andi Dorfman’s engagement ring.





Toofab later reported, citing a source close to the show, that Andi actually had a lot of input on the style and cut of the ring. She saw different types of wedding rings as well and tried them on before filming the finale.

“The guys always pick 1-2 final rings from the selections on the finale episode, so at least the Bachelorette will be guaranteed to have one of her favorite choices,” the source said. “She’s actually been high maintenance when it comes to her jewelry!”

The source added: “Andi wants a platinum ring with colored diamonds — maybe rose or pink,” the source added. “It’s the biggest ring yet.”

Most of the rings on the Bachelor and Bachelorette series come from Neil Lane Jewelry.

For instance, last Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock got a gold ring over 3.5 carats with more than 200 small diamonds around the cushion-cut center stone.

The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's engagement ring

(Neil Lane)

Exclusive photo The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock's engagement ring

(Neil Lane)

“Chris and I spent a long time talking and he was drawn to the symbolism of the platinum and rose gold bands entwined,” Lane told Style News. “The ring entwines the bands into one, just as Des and Chris are two people wrapped into one couple and forever entwined. It’s beautiful.”

“I knew Des wanted a vintage style, but also something romantic, feminine and sophisticated. Diamonds ring the platinum and rose gold, which is wonderfully romantic and give it Old World charm,” the jeweler said. “The ring has a softness to it and a halo of diamonds on top, so it’s always sparkling.”

And the rings are not paid for by the contestants, so Murray won’t be paying for this one. However, according to People magazine, if the couple breaks up within two years, they don’t get to keep the ring.

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