NBA Schedule 2014: Wizards vs Knicks on Christmas Day Along with the Cavs vs Heat?

The official 2014-15 NBA schedule will come out later this month but rumors are leaking out about some of the bigger games.

The San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers have now long been rumored to kick off the season on October 28.

The game would pit LeBron James and his new team against the Spurs, which knocked him out of the playoffs and took the title last season.

Another rumor circulating is that James will play his old team, the Miami Heat, on Christmas Day.

The Cavs would play at the Heat, a source told the Miami Herald.

Now word has come out that the New York Knicks may take on the resurgent Washington Wizards, also on Christmas Day.

“I’m hearing Knicks are tentatively scheduled to spend Christmas with the Obamas, John Wall & Paul Pierce,” reported Frank Isola of the New York Daily News.

He later said that the game is slated to be played at Madison Square Garden in New York City as opposed to the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

The other big schedule rumor is that the league is mulling an extension to the All-Star break. The league is thinking about making it a week, reported the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

If the move happens it would give players seven days off between games in mid-February but would result in the addition of one or two back-to-back games per team.

“That’s the model they’re using right now while they’re filling in the schedule,” an NBA source familiar with the process said. “Could they go back and use some of those dates if needed? That’s possible. But the week off looks like what’s going to happen.”

If the move does go through it’s possible the 2015-2016 season will start a week earlier.

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