NBA Schedule 2014: LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors on Christmas (+Other Rumors)

The Los Angeles Clippers will play the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day in a rematch of last season’s playoffs, according to the latest NBA schedule rumor.

The official schedule won’t be released until the middle of this upcoming week, but rumors have gradually leaked regarding big matchups and games on Christmas.

The latest comes from Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times.

“Clippers will play Warriors Christmas night. Makes sense for NBA to schedule them because of playoff history and dislike for the other,” he said via Twitter.

One of the other recent rumors said that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat would play four times, including on Christmas.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel said that the first meeting will be on Christmas in Miami at night while the Cavs would also play in Miami on March 16. The Heat are scheduled to travel to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on February 11 and April 2.

Another rumor claims that the Washington Wizards and New York Knicks will play at Madison Square Garden on Christmas Day.

And yet another rumor, perhaps the earliest one regarding the schedule, says that the San Antonio Spurs and Cavs will be the first game this season, marking a rematch between the Spurs and LeBron James.

The league is also looking at a weeklong All-Star break, which would result in the addition of one or two more back-to-back games per team.

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