NBA Draft Rumors 2014: Celtics to Snag Shabazz Napier; Cavs to Choose Dante Exum After Embiid Injury?

The NBA draft rumors keep flying ahead of June 26, with the latest dealing with the top pick and the Celtics pick.

Boston has No. 17 and is looking for a player that can team with Rajon Rondo immediately as opposed to a longer-term project.

Shabazz Napier is one of those types of players, having played four years at Connecticut and leading the team to win the 2014 NCAA Championship.

Napier impressed Boston with a workout earlier this week, sources told ESPN. 

Napier is now “in the mix” for the pick.

“Shabazz is so clever and shifty,” said Celtics director of player personnel Austin Ainge, who also noted that Napier’s intangibles are easily evident.

“He is very hard to stay in front of, he really changes directions very well. He’s quick, but he is even shiftier than he is quick. He’s very clever. And he can make shots.”

The Celtics also have the No. 6 pick, with which the team could snag Aaron Gordon. Julius Randle may also be available.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers may pass on Joel Embiid due to an injury he just suffered. 

Sources told Yahoo that the Cavs, which have the No. 1 pick, now want to work out Dante Exum for the spot. Exum was previously projected to go no higher than No. 3, and as low as No. 5.

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