NBA 2K14 Support Says It Has Fixed the Connectivity Issues

January 2, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

As NBA 2K14 players are still getting booted from the game sometimes, but the game’s support said that it’s fixed connectivity issues

The NBA 2K14 development team is investigating the issues, the 2K support said via Twitter. A support team member later said that the issues are fixed.

The issues have even spurred a petition on that demands a public apology and “some type of reimbursement” for the issues.

“I want a public response from Take Two and 2K, as well as a way they will apologize and make it up to the fans for the numerous glitches, bugs, online server instability that has rendered the game almost unplayable aside from quick game for 4 days, as well as omitting information regarding online leagues knowing it would have swayed some customers away from purchasing said product. If you agree sign this petition and get this noticed” wrote the petition creator, Tajuan Frazier of Columbia, South Carolina.

Players are constantly tweeting to the support account, telling of connectivity issues.

Ronnie, part of the support team, said that My TEAM should be better now, and “it looks like we are almost back to where we were last week otherwise in terms of online.”

“Sounds like you guys are good to go. Sorry again for the frustrations this weekend, obviously that was an unforeseen circumstance,” he added.



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