Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Thrown Off American Airlines Plane

February 26, 2018 Updated: February 26, 2018

The Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden was thrown off of a plane over the weekend for allegedly being drunk.

Rob O’Neill boarded an Americal Airlines plane set to fly from Nashville to Dallas.

But before the plane took off, flight attendants noticed he was extremely drunk.

Eyewitnesses told TMZ that he called an employee a crude name before passing out.

After he woke up, a flight attendant told him to get off the plane. O’Neill then became belligerent, forcing attendants to call police officers to escort O’Neill off the plane.

O’Neill has not commented on the alleged incident as of yet.

O’Neill recently recalled how he shot bin Laden twice before someone approached him and asked, “Are you good?”

“I said, ‘What do we do now?’ and he laughed. He said now we go find the computers,” O’Neill explained to FOX 13.

“We’ve done this every night—a hundred of times. I said, ‘Holy crap.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, you just shot Osama bin Laden. Your life just changed.”

O’Neill said that nowadays, he’s out of the military and working as a consultant, helping the private sector to think like the special forces.

“I did learn a lot of traits in the Navy I wasn’t aware of: Decision making, stress management, team building, problem-solving,” he said. “The big one I’ve learned from employers in the private sector is loyalty.”

The retired Navy Seal was recently announced as the keynote speaker at the American Heroes Dinner.

The dinner, hosted by the Honoring the Sacrifice Foundation, will take place on July 13 at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

The speaker bio noted that O’Neill deployed more than a dozen times and held combat leadership roles in more than 400 combat missions in four different theaters of war.



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