Nature Walker Who Became Stuck in Mud Is Rescued by NYPD Special Ops Helicopter

May 8, 2019 Updated: May 8, 2019

What began as an afternoon walk through an island swamp has ended with New York authorities having to rescue a man stuck in the mud on May 2.

New York Police Department (NYPD) confirmed its special operations team rescued an 83-year-old man who became unable to move further in a swamp on Staten Island.

“Our aviation officers jumped into action, not only locating him but hoisting him to safety and getting him the medical attention he needed,” NYPD said in a Facebook post dated May 3. “Please don’t try this at home.”

The rescue team revealed the man became stuck after missing his bus to Staten Island University Hospital for a doctor’s appointment. He decided to take a shortcut by walking through the marsh just like he did when he was a child. However, he became tired, lost his sense of direction, and stuck in the swamp.

“Members of the aviation unit were called upon to locate an 82-year-old Staten Island man who had gotten lost on the way to the hospital and became stuck in a swamp,” the team said.

Officers used a police helicopter to search for him. The effort took an hour and consumed almost the entire fuel tank before they finally spotted the man.

“Great job by NYPD Aviation rescuing an 83-year-old male from a marsh in Staten Island,” NYPD Special Ops said in a Twitter post dated May 2. “The male called 911 stating that he was stuck and sinking in the mud. Aviation successfully located and hoisted the aided aboard and transported him to an area hospital for treatment.”

Detective Sean Daly, who spotted the man, said he made the find after noticing the slightest movement.

“All of a sudden, I don’t know how but I caught a little hand movement from him out of the corner of my eye,” he told Pix 11.

When Daly came down from the helicopter, he found the man lying at the edge of a pond.

“He was in the water laying down, face up, holding onto his briefcase,” Daly said.

Officer John Martin hoisted up both men into the helicopter and does not consider himself to be a hero.

“[It’s] basically what we train for every day here,” he said. “We as a crew, we had a plan. We tackled it, we did our job.”

The moment both men were safe in the helicopter, the fuel warning light turned on and they immediately returned to the station.

The elderly man was cold, wet, tired, and transported to a hospital for treatment. Police said he was in good condition.

“Awesome day, this is why we take this job, to help people,” Daly said.