NATO Troops Kill at Least 20 Civilians

By Marco t'Hoen
Marco t'Hoen
Marco t'Hoen
August 5, 2010 Updated: March 1, 2012

NATO forces in Afghanistan accidentally killed an undetermined number of civilians in two separate instances Aug. 5, a day after General David Petraeus addressed NATO and U.S. troops in Afghanistan, emphasizing the importance of preventing civilian casualties.

Both incidences occurred in eastern Nangarhar province. In one incident a helicopter opened fire on vehicles stopped by a flooded road killing eight civilians. The vehicles were transporting the body of flood a victim and his family, according to AP.

In the second incident, NATO forces killed at least 13 civilians when they exchanged fire on a compound in a village where soldiers were searching for a Taliban commander, according to AP.

On Aug. 4, Petraeus had told troops, “If we kill civilians or damage their property in the course of our operations, we will create more enemies than our operations eliminate. That's exactly what the Taliban want. Don't fall into their trap," according to Radio Free Europe.

Marco t'Hoen