Nash Grier Live Stream: People Angry Live Broadcast of YouTube Star Costs Money

Fans of Nash Grier are angry that his live stream on Wednesday night costs money.

Grier is a YouTube star who has over 3.5 million followers on the video website in addition to over 3.3 million followers on Twitter.

“Tweet me questions #nashlivestream,” Grier told his fans via Twitter.

“Going to have some friends over and play some games and take your questions and requests as part of the game show,” he added on his page.

But many fans complained that the live stream costs money.

According to Nash’s page on Gander, it costs $2.99 per month to subscribe to the website but there’s a special deal for $.99 a month. Or it costs $29.99 for a year.

“Rt if you don’t have the money, or don’t want to pay to watch #nashlivestream,” said one fan.

“I don’t have money to watch,” added another.

“30$ its a lot i mean only rich people could pay that or someone who works, i mean my parents wont let me buy,” added another.

“Nash is gonna come on twitter a realise we’re all broke,” added yet another.

“People go live for a reason. It’s so they don’t have to do meet n greets and [expletive]. WE SHOULDNT HAVE TO PAY,” added yet another.

Some fans have paid for the live stream though and are watching it and participating.

“What’s your greatest fear?” said one, asking Grier.

“Nash are you going to the Gator Game on Saturday?” asked another.

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