Nanjing Toy Manufacturer’s Gifts List to Officials Exposed

December 31, 2008 Updated: December 31, 2008

Chinese New Year is the gift season for businesses in China. A Nanjing toy manufacturer’s list of gifts to governmental officials was accidentally revealed to the public on December 27, 2008. T

he list showed that Jiashide Toys Products paid 144,800 Yuan (approximately US$ 21,198) as "gifts" to Chinese officials in 2007.

According to the manufacturer’s records, Jiashide Toys manufactured and exported soft toys. The company shut down October 2008 for unknown reasons.

Many suppliers visited the factory recently to collect on outstanding accounts/debts amounting to over 400,000 Yuan (approximately US$58,552). The owner was nowhere to be found.

The debt collectors decided to ransack the factory to collect debt evidence and came across a list of 2007 New year's "gifts" that were paid to regime officials.

The roster specifies more than 40 "gift" transactions, actually bribes, and detailed the names and the amount paid each individual. According to the recipient's importance, the "gift amount" is staggered, from a high of 10,000 Yuan cash to supermarket vouchers worth 200 Yuan.

The list also detailed 94,000 Yuan of expenditures for gift cards, 24,000 Yuan cash, 17,800 Yuan in vouchers, and 9,000 Yuan worth of brand-name clothing—144,800 Yuan in all.

This disclosure once again showcases the common practice of merchants and others offering bribes in the form of "gifts" to Chinese officials during holiday time, hoping for a favour from the regime. There is no other way to do business in China at present—Chinese officials are the barriers to either smooth or rocky business transactions of any kind in China. These bribes are guarantees for business owners and could be looked on as "public relations between the regime and the citizens."

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