Naked Man Jumps onto Moving Truck in Virginia

December 14, 2017 Updated: December 14, 2017

A man crashed his car before he went on a rampage in Virginia on Tuesday, Dec. 12, and the entire incident was captured in a video.

Fairfax County Police say that Jose Gonzalez Flores, 32, was taken to a nearby hospital for an evaluation. Officials aren’t sure if he had a medical crisis or was under the influence of drugs, it was reported.

“Fairfax police said officers obtained warrants for two counts of felony hit and run, throwing an object at a moving vehicle, destruction of property, assault and battery, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana,” The Loudon Times-Mirror reported. “The outstanding warrants won’t be served until Gonzalez Flores is released from the hospital.”

He was involved in an accident at around 4 p.m. before he started assaulting one of the drivers involved in the crash.

Later, Flores ran to the side of the road and took off his clothes and ran into traffic before smashing a window. Temperatures were frigid—in the 20s.

A witness told NBC Washington that he attempted to stab the roof of a truck with a knife.

Truck driver Adam Allen said he saw Flores lock eyes with him. Allen’s dog, Emma, then got agitated.

“He looked at me, and she started barking. He hopped up on the passenger side, tried to open the door. When he couldn’t get in, he punched a window and shattered it with his fist,” Allen said.

Allen said the man shouted “Hi-ya!” as if he were doing karate before breaking the window, the NBC affiliate reported.

The dog’s face was cut with glass when the window shattered. An EMT then helped the dog.

“When the EMTs were cleaning out her eye, they said she shut it just in time,” Allen said.

Allen said the man hung onto his tractor-trailer. “Got up to 30 miles per hour before he finally let go,” Allen said. “It was like out of a movie almost,” he added.


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