Suspects Drink Trippy Tea, Get Naked, Kidnap Family

November 11, 2017 Updated: November 11, 2017

In a bizarre incident, police in Canada arrested five naked people, allegedly involved in kidnapping a couple and their infant. The incident ended when the crime vehicle rammed into a truck that was carrying the kidnapping victims, who managed to escape earlier.

A relative blamed a mystery hallucinogenic tea bought overseas that the abductors had apparently been drinking before the Nov. 6 episode, reports the Edmonton Journal.

A six-week-old infant, along with the mother and father, were reportedly confronted by the alleged kidnappers at a residence in Nisku, Canada. The victims were then forced into a white BMW the Daily Mail reports. The abducted man was confined in the trunk, but managed to escape while the car was being driven. The woman and baby also got away.

A man driving to work in his truck noticed the distressed-looking victims at the side of the road, and stopped to pick them up, according to the Edmonton Journal.

The victims were rescued and suspects taken into custody near Nisku, a town south of Edmonton, Canada, on Nov. 6 (Google Maps)

Derek Scott of LPH Industrial told CTV Edmonton that the good Samaritan who picked up the abductees was his employee. “Apparently they came out of the ditch with no shoes on,” said Scott.

The escapade ended when the BMW driven by the alleged kidnappers rammed into the very truck that had picked up the couple and their baby. The BMW then veered off the road and came to a halt in a roadside ditch.

“They rammed him from behind … the unclothed people in the BMW,” Scott told reporters.

“There was a big commotion, cops everywhere,” said Dustin Horutko, who witnessed the entire incident, according to Opposing Views. “Car in the ditch and it looked like they were trying to get into the car, they were all surrounding it. All of a sudden, they got in the car—I think they ripped the doors off—then I saw bodies come flying out and they looked like they were wearing really light clothing until they were closer to me and I realized they were all naked.”

Five suspects have been taken into custody—a man, two women, and two female minors. Kidnapping charges are pending against the three adults and the two youths have been released.

The father of the two minors said his ex-wife and their teenage daughters, 13 and 15, had breakfast with another couple that morning. The husband had recently traveled abroad and brought back what was apparently some kind of tea, according to the Edmonton Journal. Consuming the mystery brew is what sparked the “whole crazy spell,” the man said, adding that one of his daughters was taken to hospital for treatment and none of the alleged kidnappers remembers what happened.

“It’s a scary thought thinking, ’Oh, let’s try this tea that we purchased.’ And then all sit down thinking they’re just going to have a nice morning and end up in that circumstance,” said the father, who remains anonymous to protect the identity of minors involved in the case, reports the Edmonton Journal.

“Whatever potency that stuff had obviously is making it so it’s just a big blur,” he said, according to the Journal. Hospital blood tests showed no trace of illicit drugs. “They figure it may have been some type of herbal drug or something,” he said.

Those allegedly kidnapped were not injured in the incident.