Naked and Afraid Season 2 Premieres, Laura Zerra Earns Accolades

March 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Naked and Afraid season 2 premiered on the Discovery channel this week, and one the contestants stood out to many viewers.

Laura Zerra, a 27-year-old New Hampshire resident who is a taxidermist and survival instructor, earned accolades over her actions in the first episode.

“Laura Zerra you were the sole individual worthy of this show,” said one viewer on Discovery’s website. “As a white female, you live and breath like a native. And for that I believe you’ve earned the respect of all peoples. Ridiculously impressed by your work ethics, survival skills and mentality and furthermore, demonstrated it capably. Will gladly be on your survival team every time. Camp with our people any day. Much love from the islands.”

John Morgan said in an email to Epoch Times that Zerra’s season 2 partner EJ also deserves respect. “I just recently started to watch this show and EJ is one of the reasons I like the show,” he said. “In many cases, the women are mentally tougher than most of the men. EJ is the perfect poster child as how men SHOULD be represented.”

The show’s premise is that pairs of strangers are dropped in the world’s most extreme environments with just one personal item that can’t be food, water, or clothing. 

A new talk show premiered after season 2 episode 1 that features interviews with cast members.

The June 2013 series premiere notably ranks as Discovery’s most watched season premiere, with 4.16 million total viewers. 


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