Mysterious ‘Metal Starfish’ Discovered on US Beach, Experts Baffled

August 16, 2017 Updated: August 16, 2017

A mysterious “metal starfish” discovered in Rhode Island is leaving experts and residents alike baffled. Several people even said it could be some sort of alien equipment. 

The heavy metal object found 1o feet from the shoreline at low tide in East Beach was lodged underwater and consisted of a circular metal ring and 8 stainless steel legs capped with concrete. One thing is certain, the object appears to stay in position like glue, despite the force of ocean waves, The Westerly Sun reported. 

Peter Brockmann president of the East Beach Association, responsible for the care of the beach told WPRI he thought the item was alive. 

“It looks like a metal starfish because it has these eight legs that go down from the center.” 

(Screenshot WPRI)
(Screenshot WPRI)

The object was first located near the Niantic Avenue entrance and about 60 to 70 yards to the west of the Watch Hill lighthouse. 

Brockmann said this is the first time locals have encountered such an incident. 

“Many locals don’t remember seeing it before last summer,” Brockmann told WPRI. “The harbor master has never seen it or heard of it before so it’s a real mystery.”

He said he has heard some people speculate that it could be equipment used by aliens. 

Other guesses Brockmann heard was it could be a device used by the Army Corps of Engineers. 

(Screenshot WPRI)
(Screenshot WPRI)

“Some scientists at URI think that it is a sea floor mount for an acoustic Doppler imaging apparatus,” said Brockmann.

But the biggest question is still not answered. Where exactly did the mysterious object come from? 

“How it got here. It’s the strangest thing because this not something that floats. It’s very heavy,” he said. 

According to the Westerly Sun, Brockmann has been studying the item for about six weeks already and is still looking for answers on its origin. He took photos of the object and took them to various agencies and oceanic experts to determine what it is. Officials only told him they are confident it is not an explosive or an in-use navigational device. 

Brockmann said the metal object could threaten the safety of surfers and swimmers so he has painted a fence to mark the area around it. 

His association is planning to remove the object sometime this week, in mid-August.