Mysterious ‘Malaysia Plane Finally Found; Passengers Might be Alive’ a Scam; No Photo, Video

March 25, 2014 Updated: March 25, 2014

A viral Facebook posting claiming the “mysterious Malaysia plane [was] finally found” is nothing more than a scam.

The post claims to have a “full video” but there is none.

“The mysterious Malaysia plane finally found!!! Passengers might be alive!” it reads. “BBC news report released full video! Check it now!”

When one clicks on the post, the user is taken to a website designed to look like Facebook, which prompts the user to “like” and share the post before going further. After that, users are taken to a website to download possibly malicious software onto their computers.

Other variants could ask Facebook users to fill out bogus surveys that are just scams asking for your e-mail, address, and other personal information.

It is not advised to download the software, fill out any surveys, or even share or “like” the post.

Officials in Malaysia on Monday said that the plane crashed and was essentially located in the southern Indian Ocean.

Time is running out to find the crucial keys that could solve the mystery of how and why Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went down.

After the excruciating 17-day wait for confirmation that the Boeing 777 crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, searchers are racing to locate the so-called black boxes before a battery-powered ping they emit fades away.

By law, the boxes with must be able to send those signals for at least 30 days following a crash. But experts say they can continue making noise for another 15 days or so beyond that, depending upon the strength of the black box battery at the time of the crash.

Without the black boxes — the common name for the voice and data recorders normally attached to a fuselage — it would be virtually impossible for investigators to definitively say what caused the crash.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.