Mysterious ‘Christian State’ Group That Uses ISIS-Like Words Threatens to Kill Belgian Muslims, Destroy Their Businesses

November 29, 2015 Updated: November 29, 2015

In the wake of the Paris attacks that left 130 people dead two weeks ago, a group of Belgians calling themselves the “Christian state” has emerged.

The Islamic State, or ISIS, claimed responsibility for the attacks on Nov. 13.

An anonymous letter from the “Christian state” was sent to the Attadamoune mosque in Brussels , saying that all Muslims will be killed, and their businesses will be destroyed, reported Newsweek and Russian state-funded RT, citing French and Belgian media reports.

According to French daily Le Parisien, the letter said that “no mosque and none of your businesses will be safe” and it threatened Muslims “will be slaughtered like pigs and crucified as our Lord converts their souls.” The letter arrived on Monday at the mosque in the Molenbeek district of the city, an area linked to Islamists suspected of being involved in the Paris attacks.

The group, the letter added, “will avenge our brothers who fell in the various [Paris] attacks.”

Jamal Habbachich, one of the local Muslim leaders and president of Molenbeek’s mosque association, found the letter. He said he’s going to the government to address the issue and wants police patrols at all of the city’s mosques.

“We will turn to the authorities of our country and complain to the police, naturally. Because there are two situations when you receive this kind of letter: it is a document written by someone wacky unbalanced, or it’s a very serious threat,” Habbachich told local outlet RTBF.

“What also concerns me is the name of the author of the letter which we do not know, and who uses similar terminology to that of the Islamic state,” he added.

Reports indicate that two other mosques in the region got similar threats and letters.

“In the current climate, with fear in everyone’s minds, it is disturbing,” Habbachich told Le Parisien. The video shows him making a copy of the letter, with the initials EC, or “Etat Chrétien,” which translates as “Christian State.”

Last week, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said the government might close down “certain radical mosques” in Molenbeek.

The four-day lockdown of Brussels came to an end on Wednesday as Belgian authorities lowered the threat level.