My Partner’s Work Affects Well-Being

August 22, 2017 Updated: October 8, 2018

Having a partner who works too much is a common worry for many people. In hectic, high pressure positions such as an executive or management role, the demands of work can overshadow other priorities such as physical fitness, proper relaxation, quality relationships, and family time. This can then lead to lower productivity, lower motivation, higher stress, and inevitably less happiness for both partners in the relationship.

 Fortunately, for people in positions such as this, there are many ways in which regular exercise can greatly improve these aspects of their partner’s health and well-being; it can improve focus and productivity to allow more time for the things that matter.   

 A fact that many forget about exercise is that our bodies crave it. Exercise is thought to increase the body’s release of serotonin and dopamine, chemicals used to regulate digestion, balance mood, and increase motivation, whilst high-intensity exercise results in the production of endorphins, natural painkillers that can create a sense of euphoria. These effects can help reduce stress levels, improve happiness, and give a feeling of reward for the body’s effort. This then allows for a lower reliance on coffee and other caffeine sources for stimulation and alertness, as well as an increased feeling of enjoyment and motivation at both work and home.   

 The next most obvious advantage of exercise towards a healthy lifestyle is an increase in fitness. Being able to be physically active for longer and more enjoyably opens up many opportunities for fun family activities. If you have the opportunity to be active outdoors then this also increases exposure to healthy vitamin D from the sun. By creating more variety and excitement to time spent away from work even household chores can become more enjoyable!   

All in all, increased fitness can greatly improve the quality of both partners’ down-time.   

 Taking the time every day to do something physical is also a great way of taking the mind away from the stresses of work. With clarity of mind, attention can be more focused on important aspects of life such as family time, organisation, and social life. In addition, exercise in the evening is a good way of tiring the body and unwinding the mind to allow for a better quality of sleep, creating a feeling of freshness, alertness, and a happy mood in the mornings. 

Finally, the greatest and most direct benefit of exercise for someone that works too much is a higher level of productivity due to increased focus and motivation. Being more productive allows for more work to be done during the day, resulting in less time spent working late or working from home. You may simply need to remind your partner of their priorities… 

A mobile personal trainer like PGPT can help to kick-start this routine for people who are unmotivated, unconfident, or uninterested in exercise, but know it is essential in saving their health and wellness. We provide flexibly timed and located sessions, accountability, results-based programmes tailored to each client, and a quality expertise that will provide motivation and inspiration for anyone looking to change their lifestyle for the better.  

Written by Peter Gaffney, the owner and managing director of PGPT, founded in 2007. He moved to London from Brisbane, Australia in 2002 to continue a career in health and fitness. His mission is to inspire the busy Londoner to prioritise health and wellness. For more see