Muslims Protest Selling of Fake Goat Meat in Northwest China

By Fang Xiao, Epoch Times
July 5, 2010 Updated: October 1, 2015
Pork, labeled as Qingzhen (kosher) goat meat.  (Internet photo)
Pork, labeled as Qingzhen (kosher) goat meat. (Internet photo)

It was discovered recently in Zhangye City in China’s northwest province of Gansu that pork, labeled as Qingzhen (kosher) goat meat, was being sold and distributed throughout Gansu, Xinjiang, Qinghai, and other provinces.

When shocked Muslims launched large-scale protests, heavily armed police arrived at the scene, blocked off traffic, and established day-and-night surveillance.

The Muslim populace demanded that the guilty party be severely punished, forcing Government authorities to hold a press conference and depose two bureau chiefs. Local Muslims tried to spread words of caution by Internet, but their information was censored.


Hundreds of Muslims protest

On June 26, Islam Online in China ( reported that several hundred Muslims in Gansu traced the fake goat meat to its production site and discovered that it was actually thinly sliced pork labeled as kosher goat meat. At least 200 tons have been produced, of which 180 tons have been sold in markets or eaten by consumers.

The Muslim communities in different areas were enraged upon hearing this news, considering it another food-related scandal following the exposure of toxic milk, as well as an attempt to violate ethnic and religious principles.

Mr. Ma, a resident of Xining City in Qinghai Province, told The Epoch Times that the issue is big in his area; since June 10, several hundred Muslims have travelled to the Zhangye Public Security Bureau by bus to protest; however, heavily armed police blocked off the roads and imposed all-night surveillance.

Mr. Zhang from Zhangye City confirmed that the local government intended to conceal this issue, but large-scale protests forced the Zhangye mayor to publicly apologize and the Gansu government to hold a press conference and depose four officials.

News censored

News about the fake goat meat in Zhangye is strictly censored on the internet. A Muslim posted a message stating that, “This is a serious and unprecedented issue. I was enraged when I saw the news and wanted to spread the word via internet to fellow Muslims, but the information was blocked.”

On June 12, Gansu Net ( reported that journalists from about a dozen media were present when the Ganzhou District government held a press conference to announce that three workers of a food company had been illegally processing standard meat as kosher meat products.

The district commerce association, public security office, and animal quarantine department verified that the processing plant was not kosher certified; however, the workers were labeling and packaging their products as kosher food.

On June 11, the Ganzhou District government announced the dismissal of the chiefs of the Ganzhou Business Bureau and the Ganzhou District Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

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