Muslim Shopkeeper Stabbed to Death After Wishing Customers ‘Happy Easter’

March 26, 2016 Updated: March 27, 2016

A 40-year-old shopkeeper in Glasgow, Scotland, was found stabbed to death hours after he wished his customers “Happy Easter” on Facebook. 

The stabbing has been treated as a “religiously prejudiced” attack, the police said, and the suspect who has been arrested is Muslim, the BBC reports. 

“Good Friday and very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation x!” Asad Shah, who is Muslim, wrote on Facebook. 

Shah had posted similar messages on Facebook last Christmas. 

He had been found injured on a road, and was pronounced dead on arrival at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Hundreds of people took part in a silent vigil, placing floral tributes to mourn his death. 

“Moved to be one of hundreds tonight as Shawlands united in grief for Asad Shah and support for his family,” Scottish parliamentary leader Nicola Sturgeon, who attended the vigil, wrote on Twitter

Shah was an Ahmadi Muslim, which is considered heretical by many orthodox Muslims. The 10 to 20 million adherents have a history of persecution in Sunni Pakistan. The Ahmadi denomination of Islam emphasizes non-violence and tolerance, according to historian Simon Ross Valentine cited by the BBC.