MTA Says Some Subway Lines Could be Closed Because of Snow

January 21, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The MTA said in an alert that some subway, bus, and rail lines could be closed from the snow.

It urged customers to leave work early and finish traveling early tonight, especially those who use the commuter rail services of Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road.

“The storm has arrived earlier than predicted, bringing higher snow accumulation and stronger wind gusts, raising the prospect of snow drifts of up to two feet,” it said. “Service on railroads, subways and buses can be curtailed or suspended entirely or on a route-by-route basis depending on snowfall accumulation.”

“If you do not need to travel tonight, we urge you not to,” it added. “If you must travel, monitor Service Status on this page for the most up-to-date information.”

The New York transit agency will be salting platforms and stairs, and clearing snow off the track as much as possible.

There are nearly 220 miles of outdoor track that could be impacted.

“During a heavy snowstorm, tracks on outdoor subway lines must be cleared often, the third rails kept free of ice and outdoor steps at all 468 subway stations shoveled and salted,” the agency said. ” Elevated lines do not have the problem of snow build up as the flakes fall between the ties, but platforms and staircases still must be kept clear of snow and salted to melt ice.”

Buses and the railroads are at greater risk of being partially closed.


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