Mt. Tapyas Cross in Palawan Destroyed After Typhoon

November 9, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The giant cross on Mount Tapyas in Palawan was detroyed during Typhoon Yolanda, drawing reactions on social medida.

The giant cross is considered a tourist attraction in the area..

According to ABS-CBN, three people in Coron were killed in the storm while more than 6,000 people were housed at an evacuation center.

Vice-Governor Dennis Socrates tweeted a photo of Mt. Tapyas without the cross. 

“Regretting now that i did not pay you a visit the last time i was there :'( sorry giant cross. sorry mt. tapyas :(,” one user wrote on Twitter

Another wrote: “Mt Tapyas cross is gone. #YolandaPH what have u done with my beloved coron!?”