MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Apologizes After Leaked Meltdown

September 21, 2017 Updated: September 21, 2017

Lawrence O’Donnell, the host of MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” apologized for a profanity-laced rant that was caught on video and leaked to Mediaite.

He was not on the air—but cameras were still rolling as he lashed out at people for apparent earpiece problems. “What’s going on? Why am I losing this? … Who’s asking for a Labor Day rundown in my ear?!?” he asked. “Someone in that control room is out of control,” he continued. A few seconds later, he slammed his fist on the desk.

Towards the end, he apparently was hearing hammering.

“Stop the hammering!” he yelled. “Stop the hammering out there! Who’s got the hammer?”

“Where is it? Where’s the hammer? Go up on the other floor. Somebody go up there and stop the hammering. Stop the hammering! I’ll go down myself and stop it,” he screamed. “Call [expletive] Phil Griffin, I don’t care who the [expletive] you call. Stop the hammering! Empty out the [expletive] control room and find out where this is going on!”

Griffin is the president of MSNBC.

“There’s insanity in the control room tonight,” he continued, adding that “you have insanity in my earpiece.” It’s “somebody talking on our lines,” he said before cursing.

After the video went viral on Wednesday night, O’Donnell apologized on Twitter.

“A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry,” he tweeted Wednesday night.

Mediaite reported that the video was taped on Aug. 29.

The video can be watched below (WARNING: Profanity):