MSNBC Reporter in the Field Caught Doing Sickening Act on Live TV

March 23, 2019 Updated: March 23, 2019

Epoch Times Photo

MSNBC foreign correspondent Matt Bradley clearly wasn’t aware that the cameras were running when he spit into his hand and rubbed it into his hair during a Friday afternoon broadcast from Syria.

Ali Velshi was about to bring Bradley on to discuss the status of ISIS in the war-torn country when the camera showed the reporter just a few seconds too early.


“Matt Bradley is in eastern Syria in an area where the last remnants of the Islamic State and so-called caliphate were. What’s the situation for you?” Ali asked, seemingly unaware that the camera was showing Bradley styling his hair with spit.

After a pause and some background noise, Velshi cut to another segment, returning to the network’s foreign correspondent when he presumably had time to style his hair.

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“We do not have Matt. We will come back to him …” Velshi said before switching to the next segment.

By Scott Morefield