Movie Review: ‘To the Arctic’

April 20, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
Epoch Times Photo

Captured in awe-inspiring IMAX format, To the Arctic is the latest project from MacGillivray Freeman Films, the first documentary filmmaker to reach the $1 billion box office benchmark in worldwide ticket sales.

Director Greg MacGillivray and his team, including his son Shaun, spent more than eight months over a span of four years in the freezing Arctic to create 45 minutes of some of the most breathtaking film ever captured of the top of the world.

Humans, for once, are not the stars of the movie. Instead, the audience is immersed in the gorgeous landscapes, hauntingly vast stretches of icy glaciers, and surrounded by inquisitive polar bears and walruses.

The true stars of the film are a mother polar bear and her twin cubs, and they will undeniably steal every heart in the audience. MacGillivray was lucky enough to follow this family for almost a week, and the resulting footage is a powerful call to action about climate change.

We delight in watching the playful cubs tackle one another, and our hearts warm at the sight of their mother lovingly protecting them and nurturing them from the brutal elements in the Arctic. In one anxiety-provoking chase scene, they try to escape a much larger male polar bear predator.

Ultimately, To the Arctic is an inspirational and educational documentary, serving as the first of many more future IMAX films and TV specials that will be part of the One World One Ocean campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the state of our oceans. I, for one, cannot wait until the next installment and will definitely do what I can to help preserve the Arctic.