Movie Review: ‘Fragments’

July 31, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

Dakota Fanning stars as Anne Hagen in Rowan Woods' “Fragments.” (Peace Arch Entertainment)
Dakota Fanning stars as Anne Hagen in Rowan Woods' “Fragments.” (Peace Arch Entertainment)
"Fragments" certainly lives up to its name—a tragic drama ending with a glimpse of hope.

An ordinary Los Angeles diner is where the story begins. Life for survivors Kate Beckinsale (“Van Helsing,” “Underworld”), Dakota Fanning (“War of the Worlds”), Guy Pearce (“Rules of Engagement”), Forest Whitaker (“Vantage Point”), becomes very complicated following the aftershock of a multiple murder.

The story progresses too fast right from the beginning, making it difficult to comprehend and connect to the characters, though there is an obvious common denominator—every one of the survivors suffers from a radical mental change.

Director Rowan Woods uses this film to demonstrate post-traumatic stress syndrome disorder. Simultaneously, he hints at hope and having faith. Hope is offered in the end, but after a frustrating story, it seems that most viewers will leave the cinema wanting to see a psychiatrist.

In this film, writer/songwriter Roy Freirich, tries to create an artistic work rather than simply a movie that informs or entertains. The movie soundtrack is something similar to a lamentation that continuously repeats itself, deepening the feelings of desperation and disorder.

The result is a prolonged feeling of misery for the viewer. If you are watching the film, prepare yourself to have a strong will in order to stay till the end. Maybe you won’t regret it.