Mothers Take Sons to Police Station to Apologize for Misbehavior

February 21, 2018 Updated: February 21, 2018

When two mothers saw a video on social media of their sons misbehaving, they decided to confront the problem head-on—by getting the police involved.

On Feb. 20, Watsonville Police Department in California shared on its Facebook page that it was recently contacted by two mothers.

The mothers said they discovered a video shared on social media that depicted one of the sons running on top of one of the department’s patrol cars, while the other son filmed. In the footage, one son allegedly jumps on the hood of the car, runs along the roof, and then finally jumps off.

While there was no damage to the patrol car, the mothers wanted their sons to “face some consequences for their actions,” the post said. So they brought the boys to the police station to apologize to the officers.

“Last week, both boys, accompanied by their mothers, spoke to a group of about 20 officers and apologized for their actions,” the police said.

The mothers told police about how they planned to make their children make amends for what they did. One mother said her son would do community service at the local food bank during the spring break. The second mother, on the other hand, got the whole family involved in washing the department’s patrol cars to make up for her son’s actions.

The post is accompanied by pictures of the family smiling and washing the cars.

Since its sharing, the post has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response, with many users commending the mothers’ initiative and parenting skills.


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