Mother Says Toddler Suffered Electrical Shock at Daycare

August 8, 2017 Updated: August 8, 2017

A Virginia mother is alleging that her daughter suffered an electrical shock while at daycare.

In a Facebook post, mother Shannon Dominguez says her 3-year-old, Paloma, found a pair of keys at a daycare in Bedford, picked them up, and then stuck them in an electrical socket.

Dominguez told WDBJ: “It’s discouraging and it breaks my trust because I thought my babies were okay.”

In the post, she says that the girl began to scream after feeling the shock. However, according to Dominguez’s post, she was told to “stop screaming” by the staff at the Bedford Area Family YMCA. She didn’t learn about what happened until she picked her daughter up.

“I just don’t understand,” she asked, according to WDBJ. “Why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you let me know?”

Later that day, Dominguez and her daughter went to Bedford Memorial Hospital and got treatment for the electrical shock.

“Things were left out that should not have been left out that could’ve avoided all this had you taken a few precautions,” she said.

She added: “Fortunately, Paloma did not have any burns on her hands but after I researched electrocution in children I realized that an electrical shock can cause damage to the heart, brain and internal organs.”

“The following day, her EKG was read and there is an abnormality in her heart. After her follow-up with the pediatrician on Wednesday, we will be seeing a cardiologist specialist to find out more details of this abnormality,” Dominguez continued.

The CEO of the facility, Mary Jo Boone, released a statement to WDBJ:

“Safety is our primary concern in all that we do. As such, we take any matters involving the safety of our children very seriously. When this incident occurred, we began an internal investigation into our policies and procedures. Based on what we learned from that and on any additional findings, we will act accordingly.”


But in her Facebook post, Dominguez said that Boone told her to “be careful of the threats and accusations I was making. I was made to feel my concerns were completely unwarranted.”

Later, she said that she found there were many code violations at the YMCA. “They are located 875 feet from highway 460 and have literally LOST children while in their care,” she wrote.