Mother of Two Dead Newborns Binged on Meth

February 14, 2018 Updated: February 14, 2018

The former boyfriend of a Sydney woman whose two newborn babies died within 15 months of each other has given evidence at an inquest into the babies’ deaths.

The inquest heard that the unnamed mother smoked ice “more times than [he’d] seen her go to the toilet,” reported AAP.

The sudden deaths of two half-sisters — referred to as BLGN and DG — who were three months and 19-days-old respectively when they died in 2014 and 2015 are the centre of a coronial investigation.

BLGN’s father, who is currently in jail, claimed his former girlfriend was suffering a severe ice addiction and would keep awake for 10 days straight after smoking meth while her older children were “running amok.”

“I’ve probably seen her smoke more times than I’ve seen her go to the toilet,” he told Glebe Coroners Court via an audiovisual link on Feb. 13, reported the news wire.

“She would sleep until her next payday from Centrelink and then off she goes to her dealer,” he added.

He described his former girlfriend’s house a “mess” and regretted not regularly visiting his daughter.

“There’s never food in the house. [The mother’s] not getting up to make breakfast for anyone, let alone herself,” he said, reported AAP.

The father also admitted to being high on ice three days prior to BLGN’s death when he visited his former girlfriend’s home with two other men to smoke the drug.

The father said he then left the house with the two men but later returned to stay with his child “until the sun came up.”

“I was laying down and she was resting on top of my heart and I sang to her You Are My Sunshine,” he told the inquest.

“That’s the last time I saw my daughter alive.”

He also gave evidence about an “Asian” man smoking ice at the property.

“It was weird … he had his own little man cave in the non-messy part of the garage,” he said.

But the father’s evidence has since been denied by BLGN’s grandmother who gave a different version of events, and then blamed her own drug addiction for it, reported AAP.

In a previous hearing, allegations were made about an Asian drug dealer who had placed his hands on the baby girl’s mouth to stop her from crying. The allegations have been denied by the dealer.

The inquest also heard that six months after BLGN’s death in 2014, the mother was taken to hospital after a serious high-speed car accident. She was found to be pregnant again and high on ice, reported the newswire.

Meanwhile, the woman’s other child, DG, who had a heart abnormality, was removed by social services but died in her sleep within three weeks of being born, reported 9news, citing the inquest.



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