Mother of Grief-Stricken 4-Year-Old Searches for Dead Father’s iPhone

July 25, 2017 Updated: July 25, 2017

A 4-year-old boy is grief-stricken after losing his late father’s iPhone in a Walmart on Ambler Avenue on Sunday.

The boy’s mother, Xochilt Hernandez-Palomarez, said her son, Javi, misplaced the iPhone, which has not been returned yet.

Javi’s father died at the age of 42 after suffering from a heart-attack. Palomarez says her son used the iPhone as a way to cope with the grief. Javi would not let go of the device for the first 3 months after losing his dad, KTXS reported.

The mother told KTAB that after realizing the iPhone was missing she returned to the store immediately, but couldn’t find it. She also said the “Find My iPhone” function was disabled on the device.

Palomarez later went on Facebook to urge anyone to return the iPhone if they took it. In the Facebook post, the mother says her son was “crying” over the lost device because he wasn’t able to see his dad’s smiling photos. She said Javi “would fall asleep playing music his dad set up on it.”

The missing phone is a gold iPhone 6S with a white case and Sprint carrier check. The serial number was C77QLLWKGRY7. Sprint was unable to track the iPhone because the “Find my iPhone” feature was disabled. 

The mother says she is willing to reimburse anyone who bought the missing iPhone with the same amount. A screenshot of the wallpaper was included in the Facebook post.

Palomarez said in the Facebook post she is praying that whoever finds the device realizes it has “sentimental value to a 4-year-old” and to return it to the Walmart or contact her to return it. 

As of writing the Facebook post has garnered over 850 shares.