Mother of Four With ‘Perfect’ Body Praised for Uploading Unedited Picture

February 26, 2016 Updated: February 26, 2016

A South Carolina mother got heavy online attention—mostly praise—for posting a photo of her “flabby belly” after she recently gave birth.

Kimberly Henderson said she tends to get complimented for her physique, but after giving birth to four children, it’s a bit of a struggle.

Everyone always compliments me on how I have such a ‘perfect’ body after 4 kids.
— Kimberly Henderson

“Everyone always compliments me on how I have such a ‘perfect’ body after 4 kids,” she said on Facebook. “I decided to upload this pic and leave my belly ‘unedited’ ‘unphotoshopped’ because I used to struggle with accepting my body after kids.” 


“I used to have a six pack before my babies,” Henderson added. “And now even though I work out I know its not going to make my loose skin tight. Or my stretch marks disappear ever lol and I’m ok with that because everyday I get to wake up to 4 beautiful smiling faces and I’m reminded that they are worth this flabby belly and they are worth these stretch marks.”

She went further.

“Being a mother makes me feel beautiful.. Not having a flat tummy. It took a long time to get there.. Because I struggled so much with my body. I struggled so much because I was young and all these girls my age had perfect bodies and I was in my one piece bathing suit trying to hide all my flaws. And I’m not trying to say I have it worse than anyone else or bad or anything like that just reminding you guys.. That your body is beautiful,” Henderson said.

Her photo, posted a few days ago, has gone viral, with about 130,000 “likes” on Facebook.

“I wanna like this a million times. I have 3 biological kiddos and they of course took a toll on my body. I have struggled for years to finally come to terms with my stretch marks and loose skin. It’s taken me forever to love my body again (and even now I have my days lol),” wrote one commenter.