Mother of Black Girl in Gap Advertisement Responds: ‘Everyone Needs to Calm Down’

April 6, 2016 Updated: April 12, 2016

The actress mother of the Black girl in the controversial Gap advertisement said “everyone needs to calm down.”

The mother, Brooke Smith, who has acted in Shonda Rhimes’s “Grey’s Anatomy”and plays Frances on Showtime’s “Ray Donavan” sees nothing wrong with the position of Fanny’s elbow atop Lucy’s head.


“They are sisters!” tweeted Smith on April 3 in response to Matthew Cherry’s posting. Smith and her husband, Stephen Lubensky adopted Lucy from Ethiopia in 2008.

When asked by a fellow Twitter user if she understood the uproar, Smith said she did up to a certain point.

“Yes but at the same time I also think it’s a bit of a reach,” responded the 48-year-old actress. 

When asked about her opinion on another controversial image that appeared on the Russian fashion website “Buro 24/7″—where a Black woman in an unflattering position is used as a chair while a White woman sits atop her—Smith vehemently dismissed the sculpture.

Smith conceded that perhaps another photo should be used, since many were taken on the day of the shoot.

Fashion label Gucci had it’s own controversy, when the Advertising Standards Authority of Britain banned Alessandro Michele’s Cruise 2016 Collection advertisement for irresponsible advertising .