Mother of 4 Arrested on Suspicion of Physically Abusing 13-Month-Old Twins

December 18, 2017 Updated: September 26, 2019

Police have arrested a mother of four for allegedly physically abusing her 13-month-old twins.

Sacil Lucero, 26, has been jailed after one of her daughters was found with major trauma to her head, according to Santa Ana Police.

Lucero, who is currently pregnant with her fifth child, at first claimed her child fell in the bathroom.

The girl had multiple injuries and showed signs of physical abuse, say police, with major trauma to her head.

She was rushed to UCI Medical Center unresponsive and lifeless, and is now in critical condition.

When interviewed by SAPD’s Special Crimes Unit, Lucero admitted to intentionally causing the girl’s injuries, police say.

Police say they then discovered that the girl’s twin brother had also been physically abused, with a fractured skull and multiple rib fractures.

Lucero was then re-interviewed and admitted to physically abusing the boy. He has been taken to CHOC hospital.

According to police, the abuse began after she discovered she was pregnant.

Lucero has been booked into Orange County Jail and charged with child abuse.

Her other two children are now in the care of the father and appear unharmed.

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